Directed AT&T SmartStart 2G Sunset Update
Date: Dec 22 2016 8:31:16 AM PST

AT&T Directed SmartStart 2G sunset coming in January 2017

Directed SmartStart update

  • Update on what’s new with Directed SmartStart’s industry-best cellular coverage
  • Managing the AT&T 2G sunset
  • Customer CDMA upgrade process
  • Update on Directed SmartStart cellular coverage:
    • Older Directed SmartStart modules running on 2G GPRS service:
      • Of all currently available 2G (GPRS) service providers in the US, only one - AT&T – has announced it will end support for 2G, as of Jan. 1, 2017.
      • T-Mobile has announced they will continue to maintain and invest in their 2G (GPRS) network indefinitely, with a firm commitment to support it through 2020.
      • Unlike our competitors, all Directed SmartStart 2G models (DSM/VSM 100/200/250) are a true dual-carrier solution and will continue to perform well in most areas of the US using T-Mobile service after the AT&T shutdown occurs in January 2017.
    • Directed SmartStart 300 and 350 models run on Verizon’s Wireless CDMA (1x) network, which provides better national coverage, faster response times, and less power usage than previous generations. Verizon has committed to maintaining this network past 2020.
    • In Canada and Alaska, where CDMA service is fragmented or unreliable, Directed SmartStart 450-series modules now use AT&T 3G service.
  • Managing the transition from 2G to CDMA (US only, excluding Alaska)
    • Good news: for the majority of your existing 2G customers, no action is needed and their devices will continue to work well
    • When that is not the case, Directed offers upgrades to CDMA to resolve any 2G performance issues
    • See the linked documents for details on how our upgrade programs work and process to follow if a customer contacts you about lost coverage, or other  Directed SmartStart performance issues

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