*UPDATED* - No Start Condition in D2D Mode with Entry-Level remote starters? Look Here.
Date: Feb 25 2016 1:04:19 PM PST

No Start Condition in D2D Mode with Entry-Level remote starters
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Some entry-level remote starters (4x03, 4x05, 5x03, etc.) installed with an interface in D2D mode may experience a condition in which the remote start does not activate.
Vehicle does not remote start. If the remote starter or interface module are power cycled or the shutdown zone inputs are manually cycled (i.e. hood is opened and closed), vehicle may remote start successfully for some time until the condition resurfaces.
Remote start shutdown diagnostics may report hood open or brake active erroneously.
Make the analog (wired) tachometer connection to the remote starter and program tach.  The parking lights should flash once (x1) upon releasing the valet/program switch to confirm a wired tach connection has been learned. If the parking lights flash twice (x2), uncheck the “RS-Request RPM” box in your interface module’s D2D Options configuration page on the web, click “Save” or “Flash” and retry the tach learning procedure.
As of the publish date of this bulletin, a permanent fix has been implemented on the affected remote starter platforms.  Please verify with the revised tech bulletin the date code on the unit in question.
If you have any questions, please contact technical service at (800) 753-0800 via phone or live chat on