DLPK - CANBUS MULTI Doorlock Interface module

CANBUS MULTI Doorlock Interface module

CANBUS integration module that covers over 700 cars DLPK is an upgradeable CAN Bus door lock kit compatible with 700+ vehicles from 2000-2010. It includes an RFLOOP port that allows users to plug-in an OPTIONAL RFLOOP for transponder override. Once connected to the vehicle, DLPK self learns the vehicle type, making this the easiest install possible. Compatible with push to start vehicles. We recommend that you check for updates to the firmware and install guides prior to installing this module.
UPC: 093207062360
Package Weight:  0.15 kg
0.34 lb
Package Measurements (LxWxH):  140.00 x 116.00 x 39.00 mm
5.51" x 4.57" x 1.54"

DLPK is an upgradeable CAN Bus door lock interface kit that is compatible with over 700 vehicle models from 2000 through 2010 right out of the box! DLPK is SELF LEARNING to ensure a simple install.

DLPK’s primary functionality is door lock and factory alarm control however it also acts as a data transponder interface on Infiniti and Nissan vehicles and can control many other vehicle  functions. * Optional "Related Products" required for RF immobilizer override.
The DLPK offers digital transponder interface for many vehicles such as GM, Infiniti, Nissan including push-to-start equipped models and can also be installed with optional transponder loop* for combo installations on vehicles such as Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Volvo and many others.

(*see optional Related Products list)

The DLPK can also provide outputs for the remote starter in W2WTM or D2DTM such as tach, hood switch, door triggers, and trunk pin.

We recommend that you check for firmware updates prior to installation. To upgrade firmware version please connect this module to your computer via XKLOADER, then open XPRESS VIP and click on the OPTIMAX Flash Icon. A separate OPTIMAX FLASH Window will open allowing you to review Unit information and check for updates.
*Note a live internet connection is required

* Transponder bypass on select make, model, year vehicles may require a vehicle specific RF transponder loop antenna which is sold seperately.  See "Related Products" for DLPK accessory parts listings. Make sure to check Vehicle compatibility for proper RF LOOP coverage.

- Mitsubishi RF loop - PN# RFLMIT3
- Kia RF loop - PN# RFLKIA2
- Chrysler GEN1 RF loop - PN# RFLCH
- Chrysler GEN2 RF loop - PN# RFLCHGM

Data transponder bypass (Nissan, Infiniti & GM ONLY)
Compatible with over 550 vehicles 
Internet Upgradeable firmware
Door lock and alarm control via data bus
Push to Start compatible
Works with any brand remote start or alarm system
Data to Data comm. port included
2 way D2D compatible
Firmware for this kit are not downloadable via browser. Please open Directechs.com with Internet Explorer and click on the 'Optimax Flash' button to view available firmwares.
(1) Control Module
(1) Wiring harness
(1) Installation guide
(1) D2D cable