Date: 15/Jan/2024

When the DS4/DS3 platform was launched we introduced an all-new communication between the antenna and the control module using an encrypted D2D2.0 protocol. The idea was to condense all the varying RF platforms amongst the different DEI brands and offer more versatile and flexible RF ecosystem for our dealers. When it came to the DB3 platform, adding RF kits to RSR solutions has been a bit more complicated. You needed the right antenna and remote combination, then you needed to pair those up with an XL202. Once that was completed, you still needed to flash for the proper protocol. Additionally, there were also different pairing/programming variations amongst the different RF kits, etc. Needless to say, it was not the easiest bundle to sell and get setup efficiently. No longer is that the case.. Now, D2D2.0 comes to the DB3 platform in RSRconfigurations!

That's right, this means you can use the same Viper, Python, Avital and Automate Digital RF kits that you use for the DS4/DS3 systems on the DB3 module when adding RF kits in RSR applications.  When flashing the DB3 for RSR you will now have the option (on 403 core 1.06 and higher) to switch the D2D port into D2D2.0 for support of using a digital rf kit in the installation. Keep in mind that DB3 is not a DS4/DS3 and is not intended to offer the same level of functionality and versatility. This application is intended to be for a simple cost-effective solution when the customer is looking to have a basic remote start with additional range. Limited 2-way feedback is supported and additional Aux controls and other user features will be limited. Just as the XL202 and remote kits had limitations compared to DS4/DS3 or complete systems, so will the digital RF kits when added to a DB3.

DB3 must be flashed from PC with an XKLoader2.  (Not compatible with XKL3 / Directechs Mobile APP)

Important: Digital RF kits include an antenna, primary remote & companion remote. When used with a DB3, you must also purchase a Digital RF D2D cable; Part#: RFD2DHRN  UPC: 044476158087.