Date: 14/Dec/2022

Back to our roots – Winter Update!

Date: 12/2022

As we head into winter, and the busy remote start season, we are excited to share that we are also ready to release our 3rd installment of getting “Back to our roots - For Installers, By Installers.” Before we jump right into the newest changes, we wanted to touch on some of the items from the first two updates earlier this year.  We greatly appreciate all the positive feedback we have received from these. While the changes we implemented were very well received, we have continued to evaluate and improve them since their release. Here’s a quick update on those improvements before we get into what’s new for this coming remote start season.

  • Transmission Type Selection - Updated

The ability to remove manual transmission support from firmware that didn’t support it in applications where we are using an “OEM” style firmware (FORD12, HKRS, NISSRS, etc) was a great step in the right direction. However, we found that simply hiding the transmission selection was confusing in some cases and could be easily overlooked. To improve upon this function, we used additional feedback from the field to improve this experience even further. Now, when flashing for these firmware, the transmission selection is not completely removed, but is now displayed with the setting locked to Automatic transmission only. An additional note that the firmware does not support manual transmission applications was added as well.

Reminder: This is still limited to the Firmware level, meaning it can only be applied when all vehicles associated to the Firmware are not manual transmission compatible. When using a Firmware that supports both manual and automatic vehicles, the option will still be presented. Be mindful that our products should NOT be installed in any convertible vehicles, soft or hard top with a manual transmission. Installation in such vehicles may pose certain risks and will NOT be supported by VOXX•DEI LLC.

  • Interface Features / System Configuration - Terminology Update

The previous release included a reorganization of our configuration menus to improve the user experience. We brought the programmable inputs/outputs menu to the same page as the other feature menus, better organized the I/O selection layout, and auto-expanded the Data Feature Configuration menu for an easier one-page feature configuration menu.

To further improve this functionality, we wanted to better align the terminology between analog and digital platforms. Since the foundation of the feature menus for DS3/DS4 were created from the flagship analog 4X06/5X06 systems, we looked at how we could have more consistency in the menu terminology between the two platforms. In doing so, we also had the opportunity to update some of the feature/configuration menu titles and adjust the order layout as well.

First, the title “Interface Features” for the main programming menu page has been relabeled to “System Configuration” since it has to do with the entire configuration for the DS3/DS4 system. On this page we now have three “Feature Menus” for ‘user experience’ feature options, and three “Configuration Menus” containing the data and I/O type options.

  • The “System Features” menu has been relabeled “Convenience Features” since the basis of those settings foundationally came from the Convenience Features menu in our 4x06/5X06 platform.
  • We also reordered the “Security Features”, “Convenience Features”, and “Remote Start Features” menus to display in the same order as the 4X06/5X06 platform to have better continuity when changing settings amongst the different platforms.
  • The “Sense Config” menu has been relabeled to “Data Sense Configuration” to add clarity.
  • The “Programmable Inputs/Outputs” menus was relabeled to “Input/Output Configuration”

Note: It will take some additional time, however, we do plan to implement these same changes in the Directlink Mobile app as well.

Now…  WHAT’S NEW!   

To get ready for the remote start season we wanted to release a long overdue core update for the DS3/DS4 platform. Included in this core, there are a couple of important items we wanted to get out to the field in hope of making everyone’s remote start season more efficient. Additionally, we added a pretty cool new feature when flashing the DS3/DS4 from a PC. As mentioned, our primary focus was on improving efficiency for our techs, trying to get all those vehicles in and out of the bay in a timely manner this winter, so we hope these help you all out!

  • Core Update for DS3/DS4 Platform: Version 198.9 - Release Additions

Important: Please note that new cores are released in a phased roll out, by individual firmware. This will take place over the next several weeks.

  • Parking Light Confirmation for Remote Pairing

As a long-awaited addition, we have added the confirmation of a parking light flash upon pairing a remote to your DS3/DS4 system. Having visual confirmation that the remote has been successfully paired with the system should make pairing a much nicer experience, especially with 1-way remotes where the previously was no acknowledgement that the remote had or had not paired.

Note: This functionality has been added to the core for the firmware and it works extremely well with the current equipment, but the second part of this update will require a software update for the DS3/DS4 antennas to make this parking light confirmation upon pairing 100% accurate. Prior to antenna software update, although uncommon, it is possible that the current equipment/software that can provide occasional false-positive parking light confirmations of pairing when the remote did not actually pair successfully. This Antenna software update will be released in a future update.

  • Starter-Kill / AG Starter-Kill

We have finally updated the logic on Starter-Kill & AG Starter Kill programmable output options. Previously these outputs had an anti-grind implementation built into them that initiated as soon as remote start came on, with the assumption that where that interrupt was occurring would be where we would be activating the starter wire on the starter side of the cut… SO, what we have now done is address the separate logic for Starter-Kill and Anti-Grind to not interfere with remote starting, and linked them appropriately to the Starter Kill Option in the Security menu for controlling their behavior.

  • When flashing for Remote Start + Security or Security only, the “Starter Kill Option” setting in the security menu will be set to “Active” by default to match what we have done for years in our analog systems.
  • An output programmed for “Starter-Kill” will behave as a true Starter-Kill, with no anti-grind functionality, and is linked to the “Starter Kill Option” in the Security menu for Active, Passive, or Off options.
  • An output programmed for “AG Starter-Kill” will have both Starter-Kill and Anti-Grind functionality, where the Starter-Kill portion is controlled by the “Starter Kill Option in the Security menu, and the Anti-Grind function activates after an “Engine Running” confirmation once the vehicle has been successfully remote started.
  • DS3/DS4 Module Factory Reset

Over the years, whenever troubleshooting or re-flashing a DS3/DS4 module, you likely have been instructed to do a hard reset to the module and/or to “flash the module to a different vehicle, and then flash back to the vehicle you are working on”. The intention of this is to clear out the module of any stored unwanted data. NOT ANYMORE! We are implementing a “Factory Reset” option in the flash tool when flashing a module that has been previously flashed. Upon starting your new configuration, you will be given the option to perform a factory reset. Simply select Yes or No when prompted, and proceed forward with your configuration selections, and flash your module. We are hoping this saves you some time with less jumping through hoops to get your module cleared and ready to be reconfigured.

Thanks again for all the feedback and support,
~Your VOXX•DEI Tech Team