Date: 30/Jun/2022

Toyota Expeditors & Fellow Installers - As you know, the base Toyota Corolla L models first released in 2014, do not come factory equipped with keyless entry. As such, many of these vehicles have aftermarket solutions added on. Tech doc 1306 was created back in 2018 to help provide a clear step-by-step walk-through for adding a basic Keyless entry (211HV) module to these vehicles. In 2020, Toyota released the new generation of the Corolla L, again, without keyless entry. We have created Tech doc 1307 to provide an updated walkthrough, adding the 412V keyless system to the 2020+ models. To view this document, click on the Resources button on the homepage, then Tech Tips in the dropdown, or Click Here. In the keyword search, enter 1307, and click the 'Begin Search' button. We hope this helps!

~ Snakepit Training Team